Latest Bollywood News- Isha Ambani Wedding Reception At Jio Gardens

Latest Bollywood News- Isha Ambani Wedding Bash

Latest Bollywood News- In this section of our latest Bollywood news, we are going to discuss about what is happening across the biz world. Well, there is so much to write, discuss and share that simply goes unattended, at times. 

Isha Ambanni wedding

But here, we bring you something great and interesting on a daily basis that won't dismantle you any at time. This is because the entire biz world is so lucrative that no one can close his eyes and ignore everything.

At the same time, we would also come across all the latest Bollywood news and gossip that is also happening at the same time. The entertainment industry does not only talk about films and stars but also has so much to cover about everything going on around them.

In the past, there have been so many incidences that came to light. And this continues without a break in the industry. Today, millions of artists have become the most viable part of the Hindi cinema that you can't imagine. Out of all those, there are some whom you like and some whom you dislike.

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There are so many stars that come to the surface after projecting their upcoming movies. And so, we cover upcoming Bollywood movies of your favorite Bollywood/Hollywood actors.

In this section of our latest Bollywood news, we would like to share one such big event that we can't afford to escape. It is none other than the huge wedding ceremony of Isha Ambani, who is the daughter of Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani.

Isha Ambani Wedding Ceremony Attended by a List of Renowned Guests

The wedding has already taken place for now that was attended by countless Bollywood celebrities apart from other famous personalities and politicians across the country. There was hardly anyone who was not present in the big fat Indian wedding. As you know, the preparation for the wedding was already underway for quite a long period of time.

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And when the occasion came, it helped everyone to simply concentrate on the celebration part, and not just anything else. Now, after the royal wedding has already taken place, there is a time to go for the reception as well.

Ambanis have decided to go for the grand reception of their daughter Isha Ambani very soon at Jio Gardens. Well, the news has already gone viral and has even become the talk of the town.

Please note that Isha Ambani, who is the only daughter of Mukesh Ambani (Reliance Industries Chairman and Asia's Richest Man), tied the nuptial knot with Pirmal Scion Anand on Wednesday. 

After the wedding date and everything else was finalized, the couple joined and took part in their rituals at their Altamount residence, Mumbai. The entire area was surrounded by huge gathering of eminent people across the country.

isha ambani wedding

As it was expected, everything happened according to the planning. We just updated that there was hardly anything that was not planned in advance. Take the case of the lehenga of the bride. The bride’s lehenga was designed by none other than famous fashion designer Sandeep Khosla.

Like all the other items, a music concert was also organized for the huge wedding reception. It's been planned as per their traditions and very much like their previous celebrations. 

It's actually a private Beyonce show/concert that was conducted just like on various previous occasions. And it is expected to be a big fat affair like all other functions. This function too is expected to attract many eminent personalities as well.

Wedding is such a huge event that you have do a lot of hard work. And if the wedding is going to be such a grand one, then you have to keep yourself on your toes to manage everything. The same happened on the wedding of Isha Ambani as well.

Isha Ambani- Pirmal Anand Pre Wedding Bash

At this time, we are pointing out the pre wedding arrangements that were as necessary as anything else. There was the huge list of guests that had to be accommodated. 

isha ambani wedding

And for that, the Ambanis had hosted their eminent guests in Udaipur that witnessed colorful celebration for over a week.

As per the latest Bollywood news, his included a number of unavoidable rituals like Maha Aarti, Anna Seva, Sangeet (Music) along with everybody's favorite Beyonce concert.

How the Wedding Took Place

It all happened when 33 years old Anand decided to propose Isha, who completed 27 years of age.

She accepted his proposal and the marriage announcement happened soon afterwards. It was soon followed by a special ceremony- Ghor Dana ceremony that was hosted by Ambanis in the month of May.

Sangeet Ceremony- Mom Nita Ambani Shakes a Leg with Daughter Isha

As per the latest Bollywood news, the grand Sangeet ceremony of Isha Ambani wedding, the huge Sangeet ceremony took place with a bang.

isha ambani wedding

The entire Sangeet ceremony witnessed the dance steps of Nita Ambani along with her daughter. There were so many guests and other renowned people who all witnessed the entire Sangeet ceremony.

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