Why Box Office Collection of Shahrukh Khan Movies Continue to Decline with the Passage of Time

Why Box Office Collection of Shahrukh Khan Movies Continue to Decline with the Passage of Time

Today, we are discussing the reasons why Shahrukh Khan movies are not able to create the kind of magic (in terms of box office collection) that they are known for. Do you think the star actor is responsible for this? Or, do you believe it's a matter of temporary phase for SRK that will eventually fade away with the passage of time? Well, there are a number of factors that seem to have been responsible for such an unprecedented box office collection of SRK movies.

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Before we analyze precisely why there has been a sudden decline in the box office collection of SRK movies in the recent past, let’s take a quick review of the entire situation.

In the past, we all witnessed that most Shahrukh Khan movies produced great results at the box office. But in the recent past, this trend is taking a new shape that seems to have been working badly in terms of numbers.

In general, it is never easy to gauge a film in every way and find all the probable reasons of its failure at the box office. Even if you have been given the task to analyze a film precisely, you won't be able to conceptualize each and every factor associated with it. Still, you can easily find out some of the core issues that result in a film's poor performance at the box office.

Shahrukh Khan Movies Face Stiff Competition with Competitors

One of the reasons can be the competition level is surging high in the industry that also impacts a movie’s performance at the box office, at times. In the recent past, Bollywood has given so many young and talented artists that are creating wonders with their performances.

shahrukh khan movies

In fact, these artists are going away by registering a handsome figure at the box office. If you take a look at some of the latest bollywood movies of Shahrukh Khan, you can easily analyze the downfall of his movies with the passage of time.

There are millions of fans of Shahrukh Khan movies who not only follow the actor but also follow his acting in most of his films. In this post, we would outline a number of probable factors that can be the possible reasons for making his film's box office collection decline way too consistently.

Now, please take a look at some of the reasons that are responsible for the current decline of his films. But before we update you on that, let's take a look at his recent film Zero that could not get the audience's appreciation and applaud.

This happened despite the best efforts of the entire star cast of the film. We understand that you can't make every film a hit at the box office but if the trend keeps declining for a longer period of time, then you need to change the tactics for future.

Shahrukh Khan movies box office collection- The trend is not new

One of SRK latest movies Zero was released on December 21, 2018. But this film could not perform as per the expectations from the makers and millions of supporters. Although, there was everything in the movie that should have been praised by the audience, but somehow, people didn't like the lack of connectivity in movie's plot.

One of the SRK movies Jab Harry Met Sejal that was released in 2017 could not create its magic as well. So, this trend of declining box office collection with each film is not new, but has been going on from the last few years.

As per the views collected from country's best film critics, Zero failed to impress the audience at large, simply because it failed to connect with the audience.

As per Taran Adarsh, who is one of the leading Trade experts, believe that the film simply failed to relate the ongoing love story between Bauua Singh (Shahrukh Khan) and Aafia (Anushka Sharma).

The same verdict was also given by a number of movie goers who were asked to give their verdict about the film. After speaking to them, most of them believed that they would not like to see this movie again as it fails to connect.

shahrukh khan movies

You can clearly see that Zero is entirely based on the romantic saga of Bauua Singh and Aafia that travels everywhere starting from Mumbai to USA. It finally ends by landing on the planet Mars.

Most movie goers say that there was a little connects initially (in the first half) but the film somewhere lost after that. And this is what irked most audience that became a big reason to restrict them towards the theaters.

With the release of Zero, you can see an end of the year 2018. In case, you want to explore about Shahrukh Khan upcoming movies in detail, you can visit the relevant web page.

Now, please take a look at some of the reasons why Shahrukh Khan movies failed to witness a growth in terms of the box office collection:

Story-Line / Script

Well, the first issue that seems to have been emerging is none other than the story line. There is no doubt on the acting skills of Shahrukh Khan who always performs with the core of his heart and delivers his best.

In the past, we all have witnessed that makers are not able to convince the audience with the kind of story line they come up with. This is because not everything relies on the acting part. If you do not have a strong story plot, then you won't be able to make your audience move towards the theaters.

Presence of Huge Competition

In the recent past, we have analyzed that the competition in Bollywood has risen far more than ever. Take the case of Baahubali that almost smashed the box office. As per an estimate, Baahubali box office collection was something close to Rs 1500 crore that no other film is able to make.

In that sense, we can say that the year 2018 proved beneficial for non Hindi films. Take the case of the recently released Kannada movie KGF. 

This Kannada film was released on the same day and performed far better in spite of having a stiff competition with Shahrukh Khan movie Zero. Both these films were released on the same day.

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