Latest Bollywood News- SRK Film Zero Manages to Collect Rs 18.22 Crore on Day 2

Latest Bollywood News- SRK Film Zero Manages to Collect Rs 18.22 Crore on Day 2

As per the latest Bollywood news coming right from the entertainment fraternity, it does not look quite overwhelming to the fans and followers of Shahrukh Khan. It's all about the recent box office collection of Shahrukh Khan newly released movie Zero.

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The film stars Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif along with Shahrukh Khan. Zero happens to be the last film of SRK in the year 2018. In case, you need to look upon Shahrukh Khan upcoming movies, you can always visit the concerned web page.

For now, you would like to update you about the recent decline in the overall collection of Shahrukh Khan movies at the box office. We would also be analyzing the performance of Zero that was released on December 21, 2018.

Now, coming back to the box office collection of Zero on the second day, the film didn't look like gaining momentum. As per the latest Bollywood news, Zero managed to collect Rs 18.22 crore after the completion of day 2.

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As you guys are already aware that the opening day collection of Zero was Rs 20.14 crore that was way less than execrated. Zero is a big budget film and the makers were looking forward to some exciting results at the box office.

Latest Bollywood News- Why the Audience Neglected the SRK Film

If we look into some more aspects of Zero that has been pouring in for the last some time, you will come to know that the audience simply didn't reject the movie at all. But at the same time, people do not seem to go to the theaters to watch the film.

Well, after collecting a sum of Rs 18.22 crore on day 2, the overall Zero box office collection is now Rs 38.36 crore. You might be thinking that the collection does not look nice as compared to the overall expenses in making the film. 

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Well, you guess it right. Please note that the total expenses in making Zero were close to Rs 600 crore.

And this is what we are also pointing out the fact that by looking at the under performance of this SRK movie, it does not seem that Zero will witness a steady growth in the future.

Earlier, all eyes were set on the weekend collection of Zero movie. But after the end of day 2, SRK movie could only have to settle Rs 18.22 crore.

Let's take a look at what trade expert Taran Adarsh has to say through his tweets. He says "Zero is not being able to make a mark at the box officer. At present, the collections are not going great as expected. In short, we can say that Zero again slipped on day 2 (in terms of box office collections)."

He further stated that the performance of Zero at the box office continues to witness a rough patch which is totally against the expectations. And this has happened even after the presence of a plethora of top most Bollywood artists that include none other than Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

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In our previous sections, we mainly largely discussed what most film critics feel and think about the SRK latest movie Zero. After going through with as many as 3 film critics from different places, we could only find that most of them have the same reviews.

All movie critics strangely asserted that the story line of Zero is something which is working against the film. The impact of this can be seen in the form of a decline in the percentage of movie goers. We also stated in our earlier posts that film critic’s assumptions always make an impact on the box office collections.

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And for now, this looks quite evident as the Zero box office collection further dipped after the end of day 2. This happened against the hope of millions of fans and other spectators who are directly or indirectly linked with the film.

Why Zero Could Not Perform Well Despite a Planned Marketing Strategy

Well, this is something that looks quite tricky to answer at the moment. But we will try to make it simple and straight forward. As you all know that Zero makers invested a lot in making the film. It was filmed at different places around the globe. But still, it failed to impress the audience at large.

The reason that has come out is quite obvious. After having a word with a number of movie goers who came out from the theaters after watching Zero, we could come to the conclusion that most of them didn't like the 'connect' in the story line that was presented to them.

Although, everybody looked impressed with the acting skills of Shahrukh Khan, but this time, there are some other problems coming in the way of Zero to make the film successful at the box office.

From the very beginning, the makers of Zero tried to create something unique and entertaining. But they lacked at a few places. And this is what it is coming up at the box office.

Now, if you take a look at the Shahrukh Khan character Bauua Singh that became quite famous (as a part of a well planned marketing strategy), this AnandL Rai's romantic drama almost failed to make an impact in the audience minds and souls.

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However, we do not come across such a thing about Shahrukh Khan movies so often. From the last few projects, SRK movies are not being able to create the kind of magic for which he is known for. But as we stated earlier, there are so many things that take into account in making a film successful.

It not only needs some great acting skills but also require the mindful story line and music. All movies that are released at the box office need to be a complete package as per the likes of the audience.

Top Reasons Why Zero Failed at the Box Office

In this section of latest Bollywood news, we would still like to analyze why Zero could not achieve what the makers were expecting.

We analyzed the entire story by taking the views of some well known film critics. One of them is none other than Shubhra Gupta, who says that in the initial part of Zero, you all witness the character of Bauua Singh and are able to relate things well.

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You again relate things when Bauua starts flaunting a plenty of flashes of rage at his own situation. But after sometime, the movie flees from the main plot.

Shubhra has given a rating of only one star out of five to this Shahrukh Khan movie Zero. Another episode that came out and worked against the movie was that Zero has been leaked illegally online by a plethora of Torrent website rockers.

Now, we only hope that the weekend could save the movie's sinking ship and gear up again with good numbers at the box office.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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