KGF Box Office Collection- Kannada Movie Collects Rs 25 Crore on Day 1

KGF Box Office Collection- Kannada Movie Collects Rs 25 Crore on Day 1

Before we update you with KGF box office collection day 1, we would like to give you some mixed reviews about one of the Shahrukh Khan upcoming movies movie Zero that was also released on the same day.

 kgf box office collection

As we just narrated above, KGF is a Kannada film that was released on the same day as Zero, you can see how it went ahead in terms of the box office collection

This has happened in spite of the stiff competition from SRK film Zero that only managed to gross Rs 2.14 crore at the domestic box office.

KGF, or better called as Prashanth Neel's movie KGF: Chapter 1 has managed to get a fabulous opening at the box office by collecting a whopping Rs 25 crore on its opening day itself. 

Well, it looked quite evident by looking at the trailer itself as KGF the trailer created a lot of anticipation among the fans.

KGF Box Office Collection- This Kannada Movie is Going Strong

By looking at the above facts and figures, you can easily analyze how it sall happenend. The movie goers in Karnataka simply selected KGF instead of choosing Zero. 

This is what the facts and figures reveal after looking at the first day collection of KGF movie. Please note that KGF happens to be a Kannada film that was released on December 21, 2018 in as many as 5 languages.

So, despite the stiff competition of the film in the entertainment world, KGF managed to reap far better results as compared to SRK zero. 

You can easily analyze this after knowing that KGF managed to collect as much as Rs 5 crore in the entire Bangalore alone. 

 kgf box office collection

This is something incredible for a non-Hindi language film that performed extremely well in spite of having so much pressure from its competitors.

Well, this story looks quite incredible in many terms. It simply letting you know the people's choice from one film to another. 

On one hand, you have the option to go for the most recommended film of superstar Shahrukh Khan. At the same time, you can also watch your own regional language movie KGF.

But most people selected KGF over Zero. Well, there must be so many reasons why the majority of the audience preferred to watch KGF over Zero, but this is not the right to analyze all this.

As we stated earlier, KGF was released along with SRK's Zero along with Dhanush's Maari 2. Another reason of better performance of KGF can be due to the stiff competition a plethora of movies (as we just narrated above).

KGF Box Office Collection Day 1- The film looks like next Baahubali in Kannada cinema

By looking at the worldwide collection of KGF at the domestic box office, it seems that KGF is going ahead just like Baahubali in terms of the first day's box office collection. But for now, time will only tell how the movie performs at the box office in the time to come.

But one good thing that has already happened with KGF is that the film has already grabbed some overwhelming results and it will only boost the overall collections in the time to come.

Now, if we take a look at the trade analyst Taran Adarsh for the actual box office collection details for KGF, you will get the better picture to see. Well, Taran tweeted that KGF was released to as many as 2470 screens across the country.

These screens were distributed quite evenly. For example, out of the 2470 screens, 1500 screens were in Hindi and the rest of the screens were distributed in other regional languages.

Now, as per the latest Bollywood news along with the recent facts and figures, you can easily estimate the huge regional market in India. 

As in the past, we all witnessed how Baahubali managed to gross over Rs 1500 crore worldwide by smashing all previous records in the history of Indian cinema.

If we believe on the film critics and the industry insiders, you cannot predict what it is going to happen next. And this is the reason you need to wait for some more time to look at the latest picture and see how both the movies will perform in the time to come.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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