Latest Bollywood News: SRK's Most Expensive Movie Zero Trails KGF by Rs 6 Crore

SRK's Most Expensive Movie Zero Trails KGF by Rs 6 Crore

Latest Bollywood News- Zero happens to be Shahrukh Khan's most expensive film that was released on December 21, 2018. The movie was released with many expectations. But the film almost failed in receiving the audience's trust.


This happened due to several reasons that we will mention in the later part. Both Zero and KGF are the latest Bollywood movies that were released on the same dates. Still, you can find so much difference in their box office collection.

As per the current facts and figures, it has been estimated that Zero is trailing KGF (a Kannada film) by as much as 6 crore. In yet another Bollywood news, it is being reported that Yash starrer KGF has managed to mint as much as Rs 75 crore in a span of just 4 days. On the other hand, Zero is resting on Rs 69 crore figure.

Talking about the latest trends in the Shahrukh Khan movie Zero, the collections dipped on Monday quite marginally. Zero has been flagged as under performer by the industry insiders and collected as much as Rs 10 crore on Monday (December 24, 2018).

Now, if you calculate the total earnings of Zero in the last four days, it would come around Rs 69 crore as we mentioned above. On the foreign soil, Zero has managed to grab Rs 35 crore, making a total of Rs 107 crore worldwide.


Please note that Zero was opened to around Rs 20 crore on Monday. The movie collected Rs 18.2 crore on Saturday and Rs 20.7 crore on Sunday.

Now, if you take a look at the more precise figures submitted by trade expert Ramesh Bala, he tweeted the exact position of Zero in terms of the Zero box office collection.

He tweeted that SRK's Zero has become the 6th movie in 2018 to have crossed the Rs 100 crore mark in 2018. The other movies that also managed to mint Rs 100 crore include Padmavat, Sanju, Thugs of Hindostan, Race 3 and Baaghi 2.


Do you know that Zero happened to be the most expensive movie in the entire career of mega star Shahrukh Khan? Well, this is a hard fact that he chose to spend huge amount to present something unique and entertaining to the audience as well as fans. But after the film was opened on the box office, it met with its rival in the form of a Kannada film titled KGF.

As per the latest Bollywood news, the Hindi version of Kannada movie KGF is reported to have performed well on the silver screen. KGF stars Yash in his lead role. The Kannada film started to create ripples across the film industry as soon as it started performing far better than Shahrukh Khan's Zero.

As you can see that this period drama made a whopping Rs 75 crore in a matter of 4 days after release. As soon as it started out placing Zero, it became unbelievable Bollywood news for all the fans out there.


Now, updating you about the Hindi version of KGF, it also raked in some great amount on the silver screen. The Hindi version of KGF managed to collect as much as Rs 12.1 crore on the silver screen in a span of just 4 days. The inputs were given by trade analyst Taran Adarsh.

After analyzing all the facts and figures precisely, we came to know that Kannada movie KGF has managed to collect Rs 59.61 crore in its opening weekend. These figures look quite remarkable as the film managed to eclipse SRK's Zero that collected close to Rs 59.61 crore in total.

Now, updating you about the reviews of all these latest Bollywood movies- KGF and Zero, both these movies received mixed reviews from the audience and critics. But there is a slight difference between these two newly released movies. 


As you can see, KGF was made on a budget of approx. Rs 50 crore. On the other hand, Zero was produced on an extensive budget of Rs 200 crore.

Well, you can see the difference between the budgets of these two movies that look quite huge. And that's why, it's being speculated that the Zero won't be able to make as much as it was expected earlier by the film makers.

As per the story of these two latest Bollywood movies covered by Hindustan Times, it is being reported that KGF happens to be a slow burner. The movie shows how the plot takes its own course to develop into a meaningful and sensible story that moves ahead with the passage of time quite slowly and steadily. KGF managed to receive three star ratings from critics.

On the other hand, the plot of Zero becomes way too odd as it moves along. And this is what that irks the audience as the story-line does not go anywhere. And this is why; the entire movie is better be called as fable.

Also, you can spot some more dissimilarity in both Zero and KGF. While, KGF was released in as many as 2460 screens; Zero was released on almost 4380 screens.

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