Zero Box Office Collection Day 6- Anushka-Shahrukh Starrer Unable to Pacify the Audience with Collection Drop Further

Zero Box Office Collection Day 6- Anushka-Shahrukh Starrer Unable to Pacify the Audience with Collection Drop Further

Zero Box Office Collection Day 6- As per the latest research and analysis done on Shahrukh Khan starrer Zero, it seems that this film is not able to pacify the audience. And the results look quite evident in the form of the box office collection that further drops after the end of 6th day.

zero box office collection day 6

Last Monday, the SRK and Anushka Sharma starrer witnessed a hike in the overall collection. But on the day 6, the collection stood half way down as compared to the collection on Monday.

As per the latest Bollywood news, Zero only managed to collect an approximate figure of Rs 5 crore at the box office after the end of 6th day. In other words, we can say that Zero only managed to collect an amount of Rs 81 crore in a span of six days.

Now, when we talk about the box office collection of movies, we largely emphasize about their performance in terms of how they are able to entertain the audience at large. 

This is because it happens to be the best way possible to gauge a particular movie in terms of its performance towards the masses. 

zero box office collection day 6

However, when a movie fails to collect the amount against the expectations, then it is not something that seems to be quite viable for the film as it doubts the capacity of that particular film in terms of entertaining the audience.

The same is happening with Zero right at the moment. Zero happens to be the creation of Anand L Rai who is remembered for making the romantic movies. He has previously entertained the audience with his films. But this time, this film is unable to maintain its pace at the box office due to several reasons.

Zero is largely based on the story of a dwarf man who is suffering from the problem of dwarfism. The main lead character in this film has been done by Shahrukh Khan who is seen romancing with his co-star Anushka Sharma

Zero box office collection- The characters Zero and Aafia love story fail to connect

Both SRK (Bauua Singh) and Anushka Sharma (Aafia) try to impress audience with their never ending love story that keeps on going all the way from place to place.

The story plot grows every time they move to different locations. For example, after Bauua Singh finds his love in the form of a scientist who herself is suffering from Cerebral Palsy is seen to be quite a unique idea.

zero box office collection day 6

But after the plot grows further, they travel different places starting from Mumbai. After Mumbai, they travel to the USA and then finally to the planet Mars.

Now, this is where the audience feels lost in connecting everything or trying to relate the story with their understanding. 

Although, the film is produced with a nice concept, but the entertainment part is quite missing. And probably this is the reason why we continue to witness a massive drop in the overall box office collection of Zero.

By looking at the Zero box office collection day 6, it seems the overall graph of this film is not going anywhere. For example, if you take a look at the day 4 collection of Zero, it looked like the film has gained the much needed momentum in terms of the box office collection.

zero box office collection day 6

Now, it is to be seen in the coming days if this Shahrukh Khan starrer is able to regain its lost momentum. But if you look at the facts and figures, it does not like to be happening in the near future.

Zero was released on December 21, 2018. Soon after the movie was released, it had to face the trauma of one of the Kannada movies KGF that started giving it the head on collision.

Even now, KGF continues to perform well at the box office. On the other hand, SRK's Zero almost failed to attract the audience eye balls back to the theaters. And this is the result why the film is not able to post a handsome figure at the box office.

After the end of 5 days, Zero has been able to collect Rs 81 crores only. At the same time, some other non Hindi (regional films) like KGF was much praised and appreciated among the masses. And this is why the most people liked watching KGF over Zero.

Now, if we discuss about the reviews submitted by the most film critics, then we have to say that most film critics chose to give Zero a star rating of two out of five. 

On the other hand, KGF also managed to get a star rating of not more than 2.5 out of 5. But then, audience still liked the film more entertaining as compared to Zero. And this impacted on the performance of Zero at the box office.

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