Bharat Box Office Collection Day 3- Salman Khan Film Make Wonders

At this time when Salman Khan film Bharat is busy making a mark in the entire Bollywood fraternity, it will be great opportunity for every citizen to enjoy the growing bandwagon of the star. There are so many reasons that prove that Bharat is really being appreciated by the masses.

Bharat box office

One of the reasons that we can do that is by looking at the date when Bharat got released. It was released on the occasion of Eid. It was the same day when the first match of India was scheduled with South Africa in the ongoing cricket world cup series being held in England.

Although, everybody from the makers were quite sure that Bharat will do something great as soon as it hits the theater on June 5, 2019. But to everybody's surprise, the movie received a bumper opening and collected Rs 42.30 crore.

The momentum of Bharat continued for 2nd day as well after the film scored a thundering Rs 31 crore at the box office. If you track the current performance of Bharat, you will come to know that the charisma of Salman Khan is still being there with most of his films are getting successful at the box office.

On the 3rd day, Bharat collected an impressive Rs 22.20 crore that was being expected from the film. In this way, you can see the film progressing all the way right from the day of screening.

If you take a look in the earlier days, especially during the production time of Bharat, you will come to know that most of the film critics and other trade experts had predicted that the film might do well at the box office. But then, almost everyone had a mixed response about the film.

There are a few movie critics who had given a rating of 2.5 out of 5. This is because they differed at one or more places in the entire film plot. Most of them didn't comment on the movie plot, but were quite sure that it would make somewhere Rs 35 crore at the box office.

Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Bharat stars Salman Khan and Katrina kaif in their lead roles. Apart from them, Sunil Grover is also playing a great role in the film. So far, the film has been getting so much appreciation and praise from the audience.

Now, if we need to discuss about the records, then Bharat has broken a few records of Salman Khan films that he has dome in the past. In fact, there are a few films that are currently lagging behind in terms of the opening day collection.

But if you look at the previous Eid release of Salman Khan that includes one of his films Tubelight, then Bharat has done tremendously well at the box office in spite of wrongful speculation of some section of media.

The film also went through a number of jolts earlier, especially when Priyanka Chopra chose to leave the film due to her marriage. It was a turning point in the making of Bharat and Salman had to take another big decision in regards to his film.

Soon after Priyanka Chopra opted out from Bharat, Salman Khan invited Katrina Kaif into the film. She is playing the lead role opposite him. Today, when Bhatat has been receiving all the praise from the audience and other sections of the society, Katrina Kaif is also not far behind praising the film.

After she came forward to express her views on the success of Bharat, she told to the media that she is really excited to see the results. Katrina further disclosed that she already knew that Bharat is going to create a magic at the box office. This is mainly due to the extraordinary script along with the hard work of each and every member of the team.

Katrina said that ever since she was narrated the script of Bharat, it looked like this film is going to rock at the box office. Now, if you look at the trend of Indian cinema, it has been consistently busy taking turns.

Today, no one likes to watch such a movie that has no meaningful content to present to the spectators. In the same ways, the audience looks at so many other things as well. The basic idea is that the perception of the audience towards the film's success or failure has been completely changed.

This is because no one likes to go to the theater to get bored. Instead, each and every spectator likes to enjoy and get entertained as soon as he enters the theater. And if people do not get entertained, they won't come again to watch the film.

This is what Bollywood filmmakers are aware and try to produce the best entertaining films to the audience. Now, if the film happens to be of Salman Khan, then people start attaining hug expectations from the film.

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