Katrina Kaif Talk About the Success of Bharat- Look What She Says

Bollywood is yet again making news with Salman Khan film Bharat is slowly inching towards Rs 100 crore mark. And the moment was captured by none other than Katrina Kaif who decided to give it a break and discussed about the reasons for the success of her film.

katrina kaif

Kaif says that she was confident enough that Bharat is going to do well at the box office. She was also confident about the hard work that everyone was doing right from the day of production.

Apart from that she knew that the kind of response that she is getting from the film was tremendous. In addition to all the above things that we narrated here, there are so many reasons that owed to the film's success. 

Today, when Bharat managed to collect a whopping Rs 72 crore in a span of two days, nobody would like to know the reasons in detail.

Instead, everybody likes to go to the theater and watch the film to get the same kind of experience as most people have already attained. 

But when Katrina Kaif was interviewed, she told a lot of things that the entire team had gone through. Please note that the shooting of Bharat was going on for the last so many years.

Along with that, the film had also seen lots of ups and down, especially when Priyanka Chopra chose to opt out from the film. And this was something Salman didn't like at all. This was the point when he decided to take Katrina Kiaf into the film.

Today, when the film has already been released, everybody, including the entire star cast and film makers are enjoying the success. 

And this is what Katrina also feels. She says that the film's success has been the combined effort of the entire team. In fact, no single person is able to achieve the task on his own.

And therefore, the success of one of the great Bollywood movies Bharat is for everybody, right from the team of Bharat to the audience who liked and appreciated the film. In addition to this, the audience also liked the story of the film. And this is what Kaif also says a few words about it,

Katrina says that as soon someone narrated the script of Bharat to her, she liked it instantly and decided to be a part of the film in spite of doing so many other films at that time.

She also said that she knew from the very beginning that people are going to like the film once they move out from their homes and proceed towards the theaters. 

Ever since Bharat hit the screen, it has been going steady at the box office. And this is what both Katrina and Salman Khan like as they already knew that this is going to happen.

If you take a look at the time when the film hit the silver screen, everyone was going skeptical about the performance. Even though, most film critics had given their mixed reviews, they felt that Bharat would somewhere make Rs 35 crore on the opening day.

But after looking at the overwhelming response of the audience, all of them are happy that their film was liked by the audience. As you can see the numbers, Bharat has done over expectations. And this looked quite evident as everyone was getting a great response towards the film even before its release.

For example, if you talk about Bharat trailers or any other personal interviews including the reviews from the audience across the country, most of them liked the concept of the film.

Now, if you look at the current speed with which Bharat is making noise, it looks the film is likely to touch Rs 100 crore mark very soon. Well, everybody including us are hopeful that the film touches Rs 100 crore mark.

We discussed it earlier too that a film's success depends upon lots of factors. If you consider earlier two Eid releases of his films, then both of them could not perform as much. In other words, Bharat has already broken so many records, especially from his own films.

After Bharat, Salman Khan is expected to start work on Inshallah and Dabangg 3. Well, there is still a confusion regarding the project he takes after the success of Bharat.

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